Parikshit outlines signs of a drinking problem, including guilt, shame, hiding drinking problems, dependence on alcohol for stress coping, binge drinking, frequent alcohol consumption, and negative impacts on social functioning. He encourages individuals to attend de-addiction counseling programs when these signs are recognized.

Highlighting the erasure of self with each drink, Parikshit underscores the vital role counseling plays in reconnecting with reality. Counseling becomes a source of hope and miracles for recovering alcoholics, offering a lifeline to those who strive to keep the disease at bay. He urges individuals struggling with alcoholism to seek help, emphasizing that it is okay to ask for assistance.

In conclusion, Parikshit’s life, once marred by alcohol, has been transformed through counseling, paving the way for him to become a beacon of support for others. He calls for the elimination of judgment, the spread of awareness, and a collective effort to pave the way for recovery from the clutches of alcoholism.